"Humans Love Labels" with Rusty Angell

July 11, 2022 Parker Richardson and Stephen Webb Episode 14
"Humans Love Labels" with Rusty Angell
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This one lives up to the podcast name, Think(less), unlike any other. This conversation will make people think, not only about what they haven't thought about, but even about what many don't want to think about. Listen closely here, it'll make you think.
Rusty is legitimately one of the most interesting men in the world. A coffee expert (literally), a farmer, an artist, and a pastor. But before that he's a great husband, dad, and friend with some really good wisdom to offer.

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Let's get into it.
Rusty thinks people need to think more about...
Rusty's label
Only two sides?
Speak about identity
God's intent
How can we empathize?
What do sexual minorities get right.
"Yeah but ... "