"Confessions Over Cava" with Jonathan Moynihan

July 04, 2022 Parker Richardson and Stephen Webb Season 2 Episode 1
"Confessions Over Cava" with Jonathan Moynihan
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We pushed past a few boundaries in this one. Masculinity isn't toxic, vulnerability isn't weak, and leadership doesn't have to be lonely. 
Jonathan Moynihan is a husband, dad, and pastor. But also a brilliant mind with his own podcast, a former journalist, and has one of the biggest vocabularies without the condescension. Pay attention to our friend, JMo.
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Blood Stained Pews by Carl Kuhl
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How we know Jmo.
Find affirming people.
CNN and AOL were the ceiling.
Church isn't perfect but healthy.
Where does good accountability come from?
What masculinity really is.
Do I have to write poetry now?
Slow down.
Psst, it's not Father's Day.