BONUS: Made To Win with Brandon Petty

June 22, 2022 Parker Richardson and Stephen Webb Season 1 Episode 11
BONUS: Made To Win with Brandon Petty
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Brandon Petty is the Lead Pastor and Chief Awesome Guy (Swebb's made up title for him) at Generation Church in Portland, TN. He invited Swebb on to talk about all-things dads! This episode is played in its entirety from Brandon's Made To Win podcast. Pay attention Brandon and Generation Church. This leader and their team make the world better and we're grateful to call them friends.

Made To Win
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Generation Church

Jumping in with Brandon Petty
You're raising adults, not kids.
DFW to DEN to CLT to ORL
Bucket List for Kids
Who do I want my kid to be?
Belief over safety.
This is why we go out!
Go do something hard today!
Vacation money class.
Dad Jokes