Did You Do Something Hard Today?

June 20, 2022 Parker Richardson and Stephen Webb Season 1 Episode 10
Did You Do Something Hard Today?
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We want to normalize doing hard things in our lives and the lives around us. But in order to standardize and normalize the hard stuff, it starts with seeing the "hard things" differently. We talk about mindsets and intentional approaches to a couple of different topics but one of those topics is parenting that could help in their development as well as yours. Sometimes the hardest stuff can be the smallest things that we have been procrastinating and putting off. Have we tried to run away from or run to hard things? So our challenge to you today is to GO DO SOMETHING HARD TODAY!
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Record your kids laugh.
Curiosity is the start of intentionality.
How do you know you're getting it right?
You have to own it at some point.
Practical things
That's a good question.